Selling and sales management

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Total assistence in the selling and salesmanagement from the appointment to the final order.

A preciser and complete strategy that takes into account every single detail to make you grow.
Complete management with the aim of simplifyng and reducing costs.
Nine points that demonstrateour passion for the job.

Appointment planning

We plan the appointment whit the clients in order to maximise the outcome of the meetings.

Sales agreements

Implementation planning and signing sale agreements.

Payment management

We care about the amministrative management and we solecit overdue payment.

Offer planning

We paln the offers according to the neds of the client.

Dedicated management

We completely manage the communication with the client as regards dates sending and selling information.

Trade agreements

Achievement of trade agreements.

Offer submission

we present our offer and the selling activies with the different retail buyers replacing your expensive managers

Order management

We solecit mechanized orders to achieve preestablished selling goals.

Custumer portfolio

We develop custumer portfolio in food retailer in Italy and Europe